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A pair of glasses on a notebook containing the execution plan for a project.
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After completing my one-month break (@NYSC Orientation Camp, Lagos), it was time for me to resume work. It was a well-deserved break and I’m glad I had fun. I can still remember how it all began, vividly.

Having gone through AnyiHealth’s onboarding stage successfully as an apprentice, I know exactly the problem we are trying to solve, the story behind our solution and to whom we are proferring our solution. My first assignment as an apprentice was to carry out product research. My critical thinking and problem-solving skills were put to test here and I’m glad I didn't disappoint as I submitted the outcome of my research within the given timeline.

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It is on this basis that I was given a role to perform in the team. Amara, CEO of Anyi Health, asked me which department I would like to work in. Then, I replied to her that I would like to work in the Marketing unit. Then, she smiled and asked if I can work as a Project Manager. Uhmmm… I sigh, and paused for a second, I thought for a while, then I tried answering a couple of questions that were running through my mind at the instance. Finally, I came up with an answer — YES.

I came up with an affirmative response not because I was scared of saying NO rather because I want to seize the opportunity to learn, stretch my capacity and leave my comfort zone.

It is interesting to know that the team has been built on a solid foundation — Friendship. We are a family at Anyi Health. The communication flow is a lateral one that allows the exchange of ideas from bottom-up and up-bottom and supports cross-border interaction which births innovation and development. It makes us feel at home. I have got the best friends and brains in the likes of Able and Ayodeji, who both are my co-apprentices as they make the work simpler and fun for me.

meeting with Amara on my new project (social media)

My recent task is that of our Social media handle. I am now responsible for managing our social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. In executing these tasks, I assessed the current state of the handles and sourced useful data out of which I can derive valuable insights that can be leveraged as I embark on my new project.

The outcome of my research was submitted and then I followed up by creating a social media toolkit where all contents generated are archived for reference. This has been a huge learning curve for me as I am willing to share with you all more exciting experiences in the coming months.

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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” _Benjamin Franklin

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