Ibrahim Moshood
3 min readJul 18, 2021


The Onboarding

My journey with Anyi health marked the commencement of the 2nd half of the year and kick-started on a very high note. It all began with a call from one of my well-respected mentors — Elijah Shokenu who shared the opportunity with me. I was told there’s an apprenticeship opportunity with one of the fastest-growing Health Tech startups in Nigeria–Anyi Health. I was eager to take it up because I see it as an avenue to polish my digital marketing skills — one I had started a year ago which was more focused on learning the fundamentals and basic principles of digital marketing.

Taking up this opportunity, at this time was a perfect coincidence for me because I was already actively in search of a startup where I could get to fast-track my learning and gain hands-on experience and Anyi Health happens to be the final piece of the jigsaw.

My experience with Anyi Health all started with an introduction to the StudentBuild Apprenticeship programme which I applied for sometime in June 2021. My application was successful and I subsequently received a congratulatory email detailing the requirements of the programme, after which I duly signed the work contract.

Upon confirmation of my contract, I received a mail containing information about Anyi Health and the Team, the very first action I took was to build relationships with the Anyi Health Team and Co-apprentices and carried out background research about the company. Thereafter, I duly acknowledged the mail sent to me and suggested a convenient time for us to have our first meeting.

Moving on, we had our first meeting with the CEO of Anyi Health, Amara, who happens to exude Cheerfulness all through and heartily welcomed us to the Anyi Health family. The other team members and I gave a brief introduction of ourselves only after Amara had taken us through the journey of how Anyi Health came aboard and shared the vision, mission, team, problems and solution Anyi Health is trying to solve. At the end of the meeting, Amara was able to put a name to our faces and we all left the meeting room happier than we came in.

My major takeaway from the onboarding session was:

If people know the product, they will patronise you.

~Amara, CEO Anyi Health

No doubt, my first week with Anyi Health bad been nothing short of exciting and I look forward to learning more and impacting.