Human existence’s been fraught with the strive for survival. This phenomenon, ‘Survival of the fittest’, not only applies to humans but also all known living organisms. The continuous pursuit of survivability is accompanied with an endless battle for life and shared resources as is been witnessed amongst and within nations.

One might want to ask the question: “Can there be such a world without war, where peace abounds?” A great question, however, we might want to give a clue to answering that by looking at the theory that governs the creation of the world in itself — the big bang theory of the universe. It is the idea that the universe began as a single point, then expanded and stretched like a rapidly expanding balloon, within a tiny fraction of a second about 13.8 billion years ago. The aftermath of which was the formation of a more stable primordial elements forming early stars and galaxies, the descendants of which are visible today. From this, we can deduce the beginning in itself was WAR.

Nigeria celebrated her 60th independence anniversary very recently, an occasion that happened in a year that posed as one of the worst year ever in human history, one that witnessed one of the greatest war against humanity — a weaponless war. A war that took away over a million lives and counting. However, this was an occasion that birthed a new movement by the Nigerian youths –#EndSars–a movement that gained rapid and massive support from local and international communities. The movement was largely fought with the social media as it’s major weapon which enabled it gain massive online community attention and support as compared to what was obtainable in the past wherein the movement was always silenced by the oppressors.

This war, initiated by the youths was targeted at the government as it’s enemy, gained considerable victory within weeks of it’s inception and lately witnessed some defeats as a result of cracks within it’s camps influenced by infiltration via bad elements that disrupted its strategy.

While the youths seeks to win this infamous war, it appears as though their lack of experience remains an Achilles heel and on the other hand, the experience of the enemy gives them an advantage and place them on a vantage position.

In this war there is no retreat, no surrender and I have got some great advice to the youths on how to win this war.

All warfare is based on deception~Sun Tzu

As witnessed by the outcome of this war so far, it is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or ruin. The art of war is governed by five key factors that needs be taken into consideration. They are:

  • The moral law
  • Heaven
  • Earth
  • The commander
  • Method and discipline

Every general should be well acquainted with these factors as it determines the one who will emerge victoriously and the one who will fail.

The moral law causes the people to be in complete accord with their ruler, regardless of their lives, however, the youths have refused to front a ruler in this war, although, there seems to be a pseudo-ruler.

Heaven signifies the natural factors of day, night, cold, heat, times and seasons. The youths need to harness this factor as it seems to be in their favour in this war.

Earth signifies distances, danger and security, open ground, virtual battlefields, as well as the chances of life and death. To win this war, the youth’s general must master the ‘Earth' factor and see to minimal deaths of his army.

The commander, in this case can’t be figured out yet, represents the one who stands for the virtues of wisdom, sincerity, courage, benevolence and doggedness. The commander should be one that his presence strikes fear through the hearts of the enemies.

The methods and discipline is the part to be played largely by the officers and the entire army. It also involve the paths through which the war supplies reaches the army and the control of military finances. If ‘the methods and discipline' factor can be well implemented, it gives the enemies little or no room to infiltrate and makes winning the war even harder for them.

To win the war against bad government and corruption in Nigeria, I strongly recommend the following tactics to the Nigerian youths and well meaning citizens of Nigeria:

When we are able to strike, we must feint unable.

  • When using our forces, we must seem inactive.
  • When we are close, we must seem very far away.
  • If our enemy is secure at all points, we must be prepared.
  • If he is of superior strength, evade him.
  • If the enemy is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him.
  • Pretend weakness, that the enemy may grow arrogant.
  • Attack the enemy when unprepared, appear when unexpected.
  • When the enemy is taking ease, give him no rest.
  • If his forces are united, disunite them.
  • Our war devices and weapons, leading to victory, must not be divulged beforehand.

It is noteworthy that it is the general who makes the most planning and calculations in his base prior to the battle that wins. Hence, I highly recommend that Nigerian youths do many victory-led calculations and few defeat-led calculations.

The key to winning this war lies in massive education and enlightenment of the teeming masses and great strategy.