Halftime Scores: Me 2 vs Year’21 1

Ibrahim Moshood
5 min readJun 30, 2021


My 2021 halftime review: an assessment

How time flies! The referee has just blown the halftime whistle signifying time for both teams to have a short break. Usually, in this period, both teams reflect on their first-half performance and strategize on how to strengthen their lead or upturn defeat into a win going on into the second half. Indeed, it is a time that is well worth it as the tactical nuances of both teams are more expressed in the second and final half.

It is on this premise that I reflect on my first-half performance of the year 2021. Just like the majority did on the eve of the new year, I also did write my new year resolutions-a tripod of:


Just like a dream, six months have come and gone — a confirmation of the reality that befalls us as humans reminding us of the fact that time awaits no one and is the most expensive currency; as a time lost can never be regained.

This leaves me with a popular saying by my mum that has now become a part of my subconscious:

“You can only see a date in your lifetime.

Today is 30/06/2021; you can never see it again in your lifetime.

If you see it, then it’s probably 30/06/2022…”

This is a corroboration of the fact that time is an asset that should be cherished and valued, never to be wasted.

On a very cool Wednesday afternoon, I decided to wield my pen and put into black and white, receipts of my transactions with 2021 so far. I had just finished gulping the last sip of my hot coffee and on page 181 of one of my favourite books for the year _ ‘365 Days with Self-Discipline by Martin Meadows.’ Day 181: “On the Disciplined Pursuit of Less”

“If success is a catalyst for failure because it leads to the ‘Undisciplined pursuit of more,’ then one simple antidote is the disciplined pursuit of less. Not just haphazardly saying no, but purposefully, deliberately, and strategically eliminating the nonessentials.” _Greg McKeown

I have learnt that to retain control over my life, I have to learn to embrace the strategy of deliberately pursuing less and what matters to me. To think twice before accepting any new obligations or adding a new event to my calendar. This is now more important considering the rapidly increasing sources of distractions in this distraction-filled world.

It is based on the above premise that I consider an assessment a right strategy to keep myself in checks and balance. A quick rewind to my first six months of 2021 leaves me in awe and a state of excitement.

I will give a run through the highlights of the activities embarked upon in the past six months.

  • Bachelor’s Degree: after a year-long delay as a result of the global pandemic, I eventually defended my Undergraduate thesis and subsequently was awarded a First-Class Honours degree by my institution in B. Agr. This was one of my many achievements in the year, one that leaves my gratitude to God. Looking ahead, I thought it was a good omen of great things to come my way and it indeed was.
  • The Floral Series: having discovered my deep-lying interest in horticulture, I decided to start a series titled: The Floral Series. This idea was borne out of the desire of creating a community of flower lovers and enlightening the public on the potentials inherent in some select plants.
  • The Commonwealth: I would love to say the biggest highlight of my year thus far has been my active involvement with the Commonwealth. Having had my membership application to the Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Network approved late last year, I found a worthy course to pursue in the new year – advocacy for a more sustainable environment and creating awareness about climate change and its impacts. My involvements with the CYCN have been nothing short of interesting, enlightening and capacity stretching. It has been a great learning process for me in a new field-ADVOCACY. In turn, my work ethic has earned me appointments, positions of responsibility and recommendations.

In addition, I enrolled in various courses, programmes, and applied for various opportunities noteworthy of which are:

The Commonwealth Shared Scholarship

• The FAO REU Internship

• Sahel Africa Graduate Internship

• StudentBuild Apprenticeship

These, and many more are the opportunities I applied for and I am glad about the feedback I got and still expecting more feedbacks going into the second half of the year.

An approach I had always adopted in all of my applications is identifying the opportunities that best resonate with me and shooting my shots with immediate effect. This has often led to me being rewarded with amazing and positive feedback but this is not to say it’s been perfect feedback as I had also received the otherwise. This is also part of the process, so, I am not discouraged by such outcomes.

“You lose 100% of the shots you do not take”

On the contrary, I would say 2021 has also got a point off me because I am yet to achieve some personal developmental goals, I set for myself at the onset which is fine. Although, I hope to get my point back, lol. Overall, I am leading in the race, and I am loving the process and the feeling. I owe a big thanks to my mentors in the likes of Bola Afuye , Elijah Shokenu , Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli, and many more. They have helped in speeding up my development and I remain grateful.

Cheers to an amazing second half to come…🎉

Let’s go Ibm… You can do this!!💪

Full-time prediction: Me 10 vs Year’21 1.

Thanks for reading through!!! You are the best.