Ibrahim Moshood
3 min readApr 21, 2021


Lost in the thought of how best I could make the 21st of April a memorable day did I stumble on the idea of putting pen to paper and transcribing my haphazard thought flow into black and white with the hope that one day, it will become one indispensable memory to relish.

Could it have been a mere coincidence that my birthday happens to be a day shy of the Earth Day? I asked myself. Alas! The answer lies in the fact that it is indeed a reality, one I so much admire. Since I came to this realization, being a passionate lover of nature, I decided to pursue the advocacy for nature-based solutions and promoting activities and policies aimed at improving human livelihood in synchronization with ‘naturehood’.

I belong to the school of thought that believes in the saying:

“Earth is the only thing we have in common.”

The Earth remains our common pool resource. The sooner we realize this, the better.

Just like time fades away, so does human life. It therefore remains a responsibility for everyone of us to heed the call of nature by embracing nature-friendly approaches, practices, actions and alternatives that will help restore our Earth as we do not have a second Earth. This is a clarion call.

It is interesting to know how beautiful the Earth is, and the bounties inherent in it ranging from the diverse species biodiversity on land (green world) and in the oceans (blue world) and how these species co-exist in harmony and peace.

Indeed, if you are in search of true healing and comfort, the Earth remains your go-to-place.

The Earth has got you covered through the ambience and calmness it offers at night, cool breeze and wavy sound it provides at the seashore, the beautiful view of the mountainside, the rhythmic movement of the sunrise at dawn and sunset at dusk, the lovely, melodious voice of the early morning singing birds, and the brilliant brightness of the sun at daytime and the scintillating illumination of the moon at night.

I genuinely hope you find the cause to appreciate mother nature and be spurred as a result thereof to take action towards restoring our earth such that we can once again be woken by the sweet and melodious voices of the singing birds and above all LIVE IN HARMONY WITH NATURE.

I dedicate this article to everyone championing the restoration of the earth – our only planet.






Ibrahim Moshood

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